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Barefoot Pilates studio offers small group Pilates Mat and Equipment classes, classes are maximum of 5 clients using the SPX Reformer or raised Mats.  We also offer Barre and Yoga.
We offer our Mat Pilates classes as an online option through zoom.us as well as ‘in studio’ these classes can be enjoyed from your home if you chose to go for the online option.
All classes are available to book through the website. Any questions please contact us. We looking forward to seeing you soon.

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The reformer offers all the fabulous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Online Mat Class

Mat pilates is done a non moving stable mat, focus on breathing and control we use our own body weight to challenge and strengthen the core.

Cardio Tramp

Cardio Tramp rebounding is a fun effective low impact workout.  Jumping intervals give you high-intensity blasts throughout the class

Barre Flow

Barreflow is designed to give a deep full body workout through a series of safe and low impact exercises that draw from ballet, pilates and yoga

Class Types To Suit Everyone

Online Classes

Instructed via Zoom and starting for as little as £9.00

Group Classes

Exercise in a small group (max 5) in our studio for £16 per hour 

Studio Sessions

£20 for a studio session

1-1 Session

Individual tailored class priced at £50 per session

Discover Our Pilates Studio

Located in Hove with easy parking and access to a warm and friendly environment to stretch in with homely surroundings & furnishings


Very nice class, lots of modifications to suit all levels. Great teacher
Attended Recent Class
What an amazing place! The instructor provided excellent instructions and adjustments. She was engaging and really supportive of us!
Attended Recent Class
Great mat class, incredible instructor and really provokes thought of how one’s body moves and is controlled.
Attended Recent Class​
I love training in the airy glass walled studio the way it overlooks a beautiful leafy garden
Attended Recent Class​
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