Barefoot Pilates Covid-19 Update

Barefoot Pilates studio are now open & we are super excited to have transitioned back to teaching equipment classes. Our small group equipment classes are maximum of 4 clients using Reformer and or Exo Chair. We are still excited to offer our online Pilates community with a full timetable of online classes through which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home as well. All classes are available to book through the website. Any questions please contact us. We looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Our Classes


The reformer offers all the fabulous benefits of Pilatesincluding overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The Stott Pilates SPX reformers at Barefoot Pilates work on a movement and resistance, you can add or take off resistance depending on your own strength and stability.

The moving carriage helps you to focus on balance and co ordination.  These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.  Adding resistance also helps to facilitate deeper stretches encouraging greater range of movement.  These classes are a maximum 6 people offering an intimate and personal experience.

Online Mat Class

Mat pilates is done a non moving stable mat, focus on breathing and control we use our own body weight to challenge and strengthen the core,  regular practice increases flexibility, creating longer and leaner muscles.  Over time will improve posture resulting in injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Mat pilates gives you heightened body awareness and a sense of relaxation, it can enhance your athletic performance and increase self confidence.  With the added props such as foam rollers, fitness circles and flexibands the classes can be varied and challenging.

Mat classes at Barefoot Pilates are a maximum of 6 people on raised mats.

Pilates mat classes are suitable for all ages, pre and post pregnancy and those with injuries.

Exo Chair

The EXO® Chair from Balanced Body® delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout. Pilates Chair workouts are the ultimate for strength-building, incorporating pilates mat work with resistance challenges the body and the mind, brings focus to balance and stability. EXO® Chair classes are suitable for everybody including people with injuries and during pregnancy.

EXO® Chair classes are a maximum of four people creating an intimate and personal experience.

EXO® Chair classes are traditionally suited for those with previous pilates experience however with our qualified instructors we are happy to accommodate clients who are either inexperienced or pregnant.

Cardio Tramp

Cardio Tramp rebounding is a fun effective low impact workout.  Jumping intervals give you high-intensity blasts throughout the class keeping your heart rate up to effectively burn fat, stimulate the lymphatic system, build bone density, bolster immunity and energy levels.

Along side reformer based stretches and Pilates principles you get a very effective full body cardio workout.

Cardio tramp classes are a maximum of 6 p[ersons and previous pilates experience is essential. We do not recommend these classes during pregnancy or with an active disk injury.

1-1, 1-2 or 1-3  Private Sessions

During a 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3  private sessions at Barefoot studios we can personalise the session to you!

Using the basic principles of Pilates we can add equipment such as the SPX Reformer and the Exo Chair to give resistance training to your workout, we can include some Cardio Tramp to increase the heart rate and add high intensity intervals and bring a focus to stability and relaxation with some Pilates Mat work as well.  We can adapt each session depending on your individual needs.


Online Classes


Group Classes

£16.00 per hour
(1 - 5 group classes)

Studio Sessions

£20 per person

1-1 Sessions

£50 per 1-1

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Our Instructors

Charlotte Batten

Carla Armour

Fiona Stuart

Helen Bower

Suzy Titford

Anna Pearce

Rachel Potter

Charlotte Batten is a Stott Pilates Instructor and founder of Barefoot Pilates Hove.

Charlotte completed her Stott Pilates Mat in 2006, Stott Pilates Reformer 2012. Balanced Body Exo Chair in 2013, Stott Stability Chair 2018, Total Barre 2020.

Charlotte enjoys working with clients to find a deeper connection with their bodies through mindful movement. Charlotte is confident in athletic conditioning Pilates, pregnancy Pilates and injury rehabilitation Pilates.

Charlotte enjoys spending her time enhancing her certification through workshops and courses with Stott Pilates, Balanced body, and Contrology. Charlotte is also currently doing a Yoga Teacher Training course.

Charlotte has completed Injuries and Special populations courses as well as Pre and Post Natal Pilates courses. Charlotte is First Aid CPR certified, has a CPR in Physiotherapy and is Fitpro Insured.

Charlotte inspired by the strength and stability in the Pilates movement aims to offer fun and challenging workouts. Offering attentive high quality instruction and an education of the working body that can be applied in lasting ways.

Charlotte has three gorgeous boys Oliver, Monte and Sebastian, five noisy sausage dogs and two adventurous cats! Charlotte loves walking them all over the South Downs in her spare time.

I am passionate about ‘precision’ in Pilates! My approach is rooted in the Classical method with a curious understanding of the body’s mechanics, an acute awareness of one’s whole self and a persistent connection to the intention of every exercise and how it can be applied to everyday living.

My clients, who span 8 to 98 years old, within every level of fitness from rehabilitation to Olympic athletes, who rebalance and restore their bodies from chronic and acute conditions and injuries to optimum wellbeing are a constant source of joy.

My first forays in fitness was as an Aerobics and Step instructor in the 1980’s using the exercises from ‘Contrology’ mail-order pamphlets’. In 2004 I certified as a PT and Pilates Instructor with Conscious Movement Education in South Africa, whose qualifications are recognized by REPs, PMA, HFPA, Body Excel and ETA. In 2007 I trained as a Life Coach with New Insights Coaching. I am First Aid CPR Certified and Fitpro Insured. And I am excited to be a CME Conference 2020 Speaker.

I enhance my knowledge through courses, workshops and conferences. Specialties include; Pilates for Pregnancy, Props and Small Apparatus, Shoulder Girdle Stability, Lower Back Care, Scoliosis, Mature Clients, Better Bones & Better Balance and Anatomy Trains.

I was born in Dominica where I continue to be actively involved with Pilates clients, checking on creative and community development projects and family business. I am a mother, wife, artist and runner.

After a career in events management and having her children, Fiona trained as a Pilates teacher with Stott Pilates. She now has 15 years of teaching experience both in mat and reformer Pilates and Forever Active classes in the community.

Fiona has a holistic but very thorough, patient and passionate approach to Pilates, making clients of all ages feel at ease and welcome, Fiona has worked with clients with most injuries and or illnesses such as Parkinson’s, ME and fibromyalgia.

When Fiona is not teaching she’s either swimming or running her catering business and doing her regular pop up kitchen.

Suzy originally trained at the Northern Ballet School, graduating with a Diploma in Teaching Dance. After teaching ballet, for many years, in both England and Australia, Suzy moved to Dubai where she was introduced to Pilates.

Upon returning to the UK, inspired by her Pilates practice and all its benefits, she decided to further her career by training to become a Stott Pilates instructor.

Suzy has a very intensive hands-on approach to teaching with a desire to make a positive impact on all her clients. As an instructor she is known to be enthusiastic, friendly and empathetic. Maintaining a good knowledge of her client’s strengths and abilities she is able to adapt her style of teaching accordingly.

Since passing her Stott Matwork exam in 2016, she has gone on to complete her Stott Stability Chair certification in 2018. Suzy continues to further her knowledge by regularly attending a variety workshops and courses.

Helen Bower is a Stott Pilates Instructor. Helen fell in love with Pilates after suffering from back pain after the birth of her twins Seb and Hettie. She has had first-hand experience at the remarkable effects of Pilates for chronic pain, improvements in posture and developing core strength. Inspired by the happiness Pilates brought to her life, Helen left her full-time career in finance to become a Stott Certified Instructor.

Helen completed her Stott Pilates Mat in 2017 and Stott Pilates Reformer in 2018 and enjoys spending time enhancing her certification through regular workshops and courses with Stott Pilates and also with other teachers in and around Brighton.

Helen enjoys working with all ages and fitness levels and is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

Helen lives with her husband Tom, four-year-old twins Hettie and Seb and their two crazy cats they saved from the streets of Dubai, Dippy and Pepper. She loves living in Brighton and after spending 7 years in the heat of the Middle East, loves to walk as much as she can and soak up the amazing changing seasons the UK has to offer.

Rachel began her fitness career in 1999 qualifying as a group exercise instructor and Personal trainer. In 2001 Rachel trained as an advanced level matwork teacher with Modern Pilates and then went on to study with Polestar Pilates in 2007 on all pilates studio equipment.

Rachel ran a studio for 10 years in York where she is originally from and worked alongside local osteopaths and physiotherapists to help rehab their clients in a pilates setting. Her clients ranged from 16 years to 89 years old!

Rachel moved to Sweden in 2011 and set up a fully equipped pilates studio and worked with skiers, ice hockey players and an elite level football team doing 1:1 training and group matwork classes. She also continued to work with pregnant clients and those with muscular pain and lived there for 8 years.

Rachel enjoys attending different courses ranging from fascial release to more pilates training to sports therapy.

Rachel now lives in Brighton. When Rachel isn’t teaching she loves to run outside, be in nature, go to classes herself, study and read and play with her 3 small boys and her dog.

Anna works in movement, as a choreographer, performer and Pilates teacher. She is fascinated by the moving body, and constantly curious about the connections that are to be found between movement and all aspects of life.

Anna has taught Pilates at a number of studios in the south of England, has worked with dancers in training, and run wellness retreats; bringing together movement, good food and good company, in the Rhone Valley in France and closer to home in Sussex.

Anna’s class is challenging and creative, encouraging awareness and play with the body in motion.

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Questions & Answers

Who is Pilates suited to?

Yes, pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities. We welcome everybody including those with injuries, back issues, pre and post natal and athletes wanting to enhance their sport.

Wear something comfortable and that you can move around in un restricted.

No, mats and all other equipment are supplied.

No Pilates is done in socks or barefoot – we recommend socks with a sticky sole.

Yes Pilates is safe during and after pregnancy. It can help to increase your energy and fitness during pregnancy as well as aiding in post natal recovery. We would recommend starting pilates after your first trimester.

Due to the small class sizes pregnant ladies are welcome across the timetable.

Depending on your injury due to small class sizes, we can accommodate most back conditions. We suggest you speak with your doctor first to diagnose your condition.

Maybe 1-1 sessions would be a good place to start.


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